About the Leadership Institute

Developed by distinguished leaders in this highly specialized field, the Leadership Institute is focused on pressing concerns for accessibility to more community, housing and independent living options for individuals with autism and other neurodiversities. It serves as a multidisciplinary, hands-on training center for professionals, educators, support staff and medical personnel, as well as a robust site for research and advancements in public policy.

First Place Toolkits

  • Designed to help you determine a model that best meets your needs through:

    • Sharing knowledge and lessons learned throughout the development and implementation process, including value-engineering exercises
    • Identifying design goals and guidelines based on the market you choose to serve
    • Creating efficiencies and increasing speed to market for like-minded organizations
    • Facilitating widespread adoption of best practices and concepts better serving adults with autism and other neurodiversities

Consulting Services

First Place is opening doors to more living, learning and leading options for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodiverse abilities. We consult with a variety of public, private, nonprofit and philanthropic interests across North America and around the world. We also offer supplemental strategic and tactical consulting services to guide toolkit implementation for all stages of the project.